Death's Garden – Where Evil Blooms in the Shadows

Reaper has a hobby – gardening. In a garden sowed by the seeds of the damned, Reaper tends to the plant’s every need. These black seeds bloom in the shadows, petals unfolding as the vile, mortifying tale takes root in your mind.

Like Mandrake, you only need touch it and the poison absorbs into your skin, penetrating your soul; and like mandrake, these tales should be locked up – never to be told – but we disagree.

Put on your protective gloves and delve into this garden of prose. Add your own black seed, your tale that would not be shared elsewhere. Dig deep into your darkness and come back with a tale you may be too afraid or ashamed to admit came from you, do your worst.

Just remember… you reap what you sow.

This is a Lycan Valley Press BLACK BOOK SERIES anthology.

It is different from our other anthology titles as we are granting much more leniency to our writers’ imaginations and taking a much bigger risk due to content.

Gore and cursing are fine. Implied reference to rape, child harm, and bestiality are permitted ONLY if they are crucial to character or story development. Reaper does not advocate or promote acceptance of child or animal abuse, rape or bestiality. 

Reaper is looking for extreme horror stories, poetry and artwork. You may submit once to each category. *** PLEASE NOTE: Submitting more than once to each category, unless invited to do so, will result in all submissions being returned unread.

Stories must be between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Payment: $25 USD. All submitted manuscripts must adhere to Shunn manuscript formatting. Shunn formatting guidelines and a free downloadable template are available on our Submittable Profile page.

Poetry that meets all other guidelines will be considered, up to 50 lines. Payment: $5 USD. Please do not submit poems that require odd formatting or that include a series of one word lines.

Original artwork matching the theme of this anthology will also be considered. Payment: $10 USD. Illustrations and other accepted artwork will appear in black/white/grey-scale only. Submit original artwork only, no CGI please.

Submissions are open until filled.

*Due to the nature of this project, the editorial team for all Black Book Series anthologies will be accredited and referred to as "Reaper." Please direct all questions concerning this anthology to 

See you around the Valley!

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