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IMPORTANT REMINDER: In addition to the anthology-specific guidelines here, please review our General Guidelines on our main Submittable page as they pertain to all anthologies unless otherwise noted. Thank you. https://lycanvalleypress.submittable.com/submit

Shakespeare’s Capulet said:

“She’s cold.
Her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff.
Life and these lips have long been separated.
Death lies on her like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.”

The beauty and sadness of the imagery in these words grabs your heart like the cold hand of death. You can imagine the darkness as it closed in on Juliette, and the anguish she must have felt in those final moments.

Darkness and death can be beautiful and terrifying. Fear wears many masks, and is the strongest of our emotions when it comes to survival. Send us your darkest poetry, reach out and grasp our very souls with your words and make your mark like an untimely frost.

Payment: $0.05 per line for reprints and $0.10 per line for original poetry up to 75 lines. No odd or irregular formatting or one word lines. Do not break up lines unnecessarily just to increase line count. Submissions must be neatly formatted with line breaks and spacing correctly placed.

All submissions are read blind. Do not include identifying information (Author name or contact information) anywhere on the document file including headers, footers, byline, etc. These can be included in the cover letter section.

You may submit up to two original and/or reprints for consideration, but please note that in order to highlight a greater number of poets, it is unlikely we will accept more than one piece per poet. Submit each one separately. *** PLEASE NOTE: Submitting more than two, unless invited to do so, will result in all submissions being returned unread.

Interior artwork matching the theme and other requirements for this anthology will be also be considered. Payment: $10 for previously unpublished artwork. You may submit up to three separate works for consideration. Original artwork only, no CGI please.

Submissions open until filled.

See you around the Valley!
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