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LVP Publications primarily publishes horror, thrillers and pulp fiction with strong supernatural, paranormal, occult or psychological elements. We accept unsolicited submissions for anthologies, single-author collections, novel serializations and novellas during listed open submission periods only. 

Please read the guidelines for each submission call carefully as well as the general guidelines on our website before submitting.

Submissions not properly formatted or that do not fall within the stated word count are likely to be rejected unread. Unless otherwise stated in the submission guidelines, all submissions must be formatted following the Shunn Manuscript format. You can find additional information on formatting, including templates and other helpful information on our Writer Resource page.

With the exception of specific commissioned work and Lycan Valley Teens Unleashed projects, all submissions are read blind. Do not include identifying information (Author name or contact information) anywhere on the document file including headers, footers, byline, file name, etc. These can be included in the cover letter section. Do include the title and page numbers in the top header.

No multiple submissions unless specifically requested in the submission guidelines. Do not submit more than one story per submission call unless invited to resubmit.

No simultaneous submissions and no reprints unless specified in the submission guidelines.

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Quantum Corsets, a division of LVP Publications, is opening novella submissions November 15 through December 31 for novellas fitting the theme and cover art. 


Quantum Corsets Novella Cover 

THEME: Quantum Corsets is looking for sexy steampunk-ish stories that are both hot and steamy and contain elements of horror (supernatural, paranormal, occult or psychological — see our Writer’s Resource page for details). 

COVER: For this submission period, we are looking for one novella that perfectly fits the cover art above. However, submissions may be considered for alternative publication as well. A larger image can be found on Lycan Valley's website and Facebook page.

WORD COUNT: 17,000 TO 35,000 words

FORMATTING: Manuscripts must be formatted using Shunn Manuscript formatting. Templates and information available on our Writer's Resource page. Please submit all documents in .rtf format only.

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Include a brief synopsis, character descriptions, brief chapter outline and full manuscript.

  • Brief Synopsis: Included on the Submittable form. This should be similar to what is included on the back cover.
  • File 1: Character Descriptions and Outline -- Include brief descriptions of each character and their main role. Also, include a brief chapter summary of the action and main points. This should be approximately 3-5 sentences each. Save the file as Title_Outline.rtf
  • File 2: Complete Manuscript -- Formatted as above per Shunn formatting. Save the file as Title_Manuscript.rtf


Do not send us straight up porn—sex is fine but character development and story should be the focus, we don’t want sex just for the sake of sex. No glorified or detailed non-consensual sex or sex involving children or animals.

Please note that incomplete submissions will be declined and returned unread.

We are looking for complete manuscripts only that fit the theme and cover. Please do not send us unfinished or unedited manuscript drafts or manuscripts that do not fit the description above. 

No multiple submissions. No simultaneous submissions. 

Lycan Valley Press Publications